Bored with school, Dinomike watches old films of superheroes left behind by the earthlings and fantasizes about saving the world. He is naïve, hopeful, clumsy, and kind.

A human girl befriended by Dinomike to help in the search for her family. Together they will help each other to overcome evil forces that they both encounter.


A vain Brachiosaurus blessed with a long neck. She’s into fashion, wearing necklaces and scarves, creating her own, digging up human accessories from ancient times. She’s spoiled and materialistic.


Pterry is a Pterodactyl. Painfully shy, he reads and writes, fascinated with mystery and the intellectual challenges of the world. He’s trying to solve the reasons for human extinction.


is a Triceratops, a vegetarian interested in preserving all animals from extinction. He’s generous to a fault and easily manipulated.


is an Ankylosauria. Don’t let that sweet smile fool you. As Dinomike’s little sister, she annoys him as only a little sister can. Large and powerful, with heavy armor-like skin and a club on the end of her tail, she is not to be messed with!


Mr. Scottasaurus is his name, Math is his game and he loves to run. He is one of Dinomike’s favorite teachers.


Mr. Smart is a Stegosaurus. The dumbest of all the dinosaurs but blindly loyal to Professor Big and his evil ways. While gullible, he often accidentally leads Professor Big’s plans astray, for he takes his orders literally.

Mr. Smart

Professor Big is a Troodon, small in stature but so very smart. Just three feet small, he is elusive and capable of out-thinking most dinosaurs. His goal is to form a human army for his devious plan.

Professor Big