Do you know where your socks go when they go missing in the washing machine?

Well, the SockKids know!

The SockKids are a mismatched family of socks that time-travel far and wide through the spin cycle, teaching universal lessons of love, courage and acceptance.

Children and their parents are drawn to the strength and comfort of a family, and the universal and timeless lessons they teach; don’t be afraid of new experiences, treat others as you would like to be treated; champion all children, embrace all cultures and of course, beware of the spin cycle! Creating a greater awareness of the many social issues facing children today, The SockKids stories help educate and encourage children to find solutions to make this a better world today. Where can children learn and experience life lessons in a safe and comfortable way? They’ll have to look nowhere else but here – traveling with The SockKids on their great adventures.


Get Cozy with the SockKids!

“Welcome to our drawer!”


Mother Rainbow is patient and loving, always keeping a careful eye on her family, especially when they enter the spin cycle.


Grandfather Bleach is a faded argyle sock. Wise with age and full of witty sayings, he enjoys telling the younger socks stories of his wonderful childhood days.


Grandmother Colors is a worn and wrinkly sock. She loves to hug her grandchildren and changes colors depending upon the mood of the child whose foot she’s on. A lover of song and dance, she is quite the figure on the dance floor with Bleach as her partner.


Father Parch is a gold-toe sock who loves nothing more than relaxing in the dryer after a hard day at work. He will do anything to find a little peace and quiet – including hiding in the corners of the dryer.


The oldest SockKid, Stretch is a tall and athletic tube sock. He spends a lot of time out of the drawer playing games on the people’s feet, especially during the summer.


Stretch’s younger brother, Sudsy likes to get into a little mischief. He loves to droop around people’s ankles and rub against the carpet to watch his hair stand on end. He is also been known to pick up a bug and place it on someone’s leg just for fun.


Wooly is a nerdy sock who wears thick rimmed glasses and sports a bow tie. Wooly is socially shy, being analytical & soft spoken. He’s also ultra-logical, super smart and loves to read, solve puzzles and uncover mysteries with scientific deduction—he’s a great ghost-tracker.


Enjoying any kind of water, Rinse wears their swimming goggles all the time, just in case there’s a chance they can go for a swim in the washing machine.


A yellow bobby sock with brown freckles, Suni is the baby of the family. Mother Rainbow and the rest of the family sometimes coddle her because she’s so small. But don’t be deceived by her size, she can stand up for herself.


A newly adopted member of the family, Mother Rainbow and Father Parch are always aware of Stitches’ love for new adventure – like the time he snuck out of the sock drawer and ended up in the mouth of the family dog



Flowers is a peace-loving, kind & gentle soul with magical powers – she can express her hopes and fears through her art and teaches others to do the same. She has a motherly instinct and thinks everyone deserves to feel safe and loved.


Stinky has a passion for recycling and a severe allergy to soap. He’s always in the dumpster looking for recyclables. The other SockKids dive into the sock drawer to avoid Stinky’s stench. Stinky puts on a happy face, but it’s a lonely life for such a friendly sock


An effusive, energetic, opinionated sock with a passion for fashion, specifically shoes. She is friendly, funny & honest, almost to a fault. She wears her heart on her sleeve and has no problem expressing herself.


Footley is a claustrophobic, accident-prone, worry-wart whose philosophy is “If it can go wrong it will!” And it does… for him. A self-fulfilling prophecy: he is constantly getting torn, stretched, splattered, cooked, ironed, and run over


Mr. Sock is an alien from the planet Neptoe. He has come to Earth to protect Nick from the evil humans, who he insists want to take Nick prisoner. Mr. Sock’s favorite thing is to explore and he is determined to “go where no sock has gone before.” Unfortunately, he learns the hard way that the cake mixer is not a mini-space ship. Mr. Sock uses static electricity from the rug to charge his antennas so he can zap his enemies.

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