Nick Knitley & The SockKids

“Hi, I’m Nick Knitley! Yes, I speak to socks. They speak to me. Only me. But these aren’t just socks. It’s a loooong story, so let me explain… “It all started when my family moved to this creepy, weird place called Millbottom. It’s where my grandmother lived, but boy have things changed.

“I’ve only been here a short while and already I’ve battled electricity-sucking vampires, haunted scarecrows, phantom pirates, dancing oven mitts, singing cookies and donuts, and a junk-food addicted werewolf. What could possibly be next…?”


“Hey, I’m Nick Knitley”

Always a bit of a square peg, a dreamer who didn’t fit in with anyone. In his imagination, Nick is a hero. The real world? Those lines are blurring since Nick’s Close Encounter with animated footwear. Now he’s about to be a real hero.


Lighter the Spider

  • Favorite Subject: Microbiology

  • Favorite Hobby: Weaving

  • Favorite Cause: Feminism

“I’m Sudsy Bugsy.

I love being small!”

  • Favorite Hobby: Exploring

  • Favorite Animal: Bugs are animals, right?

  • Pet Peeve: Boredom

“I’m Stinky Stageman!

“One thing I’ve learned is that if you try your best, the possibilities are endless!”

  • Best Friend: My Dad

  • Favorite Food: Candy

  • Future Career: Actor

“Salutations, I’m Wooly Diction.”

  • Best Friend: Buttons

  • Favorite Hobby: Reading

  • Favorite Subject: History


  • Favorite Food: Ham & Cheese

  • Favorite Color: Purple

  • Pet Peeves: Rulers

“I’m Buttons Shoemaker!

Nice to meet you!”

  • Best Friend: Wooly

  • Favorite Color: Red

  • Pet Peeve: Segregation

“Hiya, I’m Stretch Silverman!”

  • Favorite Sport: Baseball, duh

  • Favorite Celeb: Babe Ruth

  • Pet Peeves: Pop flies

“Hello, Friend! I’m Flowers.”

  • Best Friend: You

  • Favorite Color: The Rainbow!

  • Pet Peeves: Intolerance

“Make way for Mr. Sock Starling!

  • Best Friend: Nick Knitley

  • Favorite Planet: Spectriz

  • Pet Peeve: Being misunderstood

“Hey, I’m Amy Knitley.

You may know my weird brother, Nick.”

  • Favorite Hobby: Picking on my little brother

  • Favorite Animal: Cats

  • Pet Peeve: Clumpy Mascara


As a child, Nick’s grandmother was not one to conform to society’s standards, surrounding herself with people who, like her, embraced their unique interests and followed their own follies.

Grandma Daisy

You may know my weird brother, Nick.”

Later in life Gram had a special relationship with her grandson, never hiding her own eccentricities, and instilling in him courage and fearlessness to help those in need.

Throughout life she was known for her signature red shoes and red scarf.

Alegra Wicked

Alegra secludes herself in Millbottom’s oldest castle, creating curses and potions to control the minds of all around her. She casts a spell on several children to punish them for intruding in her laboratory and ruining her secret.